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In addition to the procedural and deadline requirements in employment law, the substantive laws governing our workplaces are extensive. Although employment litigation can be complex, Bobby’s experience representing both employers and employees ensures that your rights are protected.

In addition, you can rely on Bobby to provide the personal attention and strong representation you need. His experience with the various levels of the employment litigation process including initial agency complaints, depositions of key corporate officials, courtroom litigation, mediations, arbitrations, and even employment law appeals will provide you with a unique advantage and honest assessment regarding your claims.

Tragically, often the fear of losing their employment discourages employees from standing up to unfair employment practices or making any claim against their employer. Even worse, some wrongfully terminated employees fail to speak out against such practices. These employees can trust on Bobby to educate them on their rights and vigorously advocate on their behalf against employers who have failed to follow the law.

On the other hand, former and current employees sometimes present meritless claims against their employers coupled with excessive monetary demands. When faced with such frivolous claims and litigation,businesses need an experienced advocate like Bobby to provide an honest assessment of any alleged liability, to vigorously defend them from meritless claims, and to minimize liability.

Employers and employees can count on Bobby for a personal, honest assessment of their claims and a strong legal representation in their defense.

Contact the Law Office today to schedule a free consultation regarding any of your employment law issues including, but not limited to, any of the following issues:

• Arbitration issues
• Defamation
• Employment Discrimination (Age, Disability, Gender, National Origin, Race, Religion)
• Fair Labor Standards Act Violations
• Harassment & Sexual Harassment
• Independent Contractor Issues
• Non-Compete Agreements & Violations
• Occupational Safety and Health Administration Violations
• Retaliation claims
• Trade Secret Agreements & Violations
• Wage Disputes
• Whistleblower claims
• Wrongful Termination