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Bobby Lopez handles ALL kinds of family law issues — from adoptions to the friendliest, uncontested divorces to the most serious child custody battles. Because the outcome in family law litigation often has a life-impacting result, Bobby is committed to providing the personal attention and strong representation needed to ensure a positive result for you as you go forward in life.

Unlike some attorneys, Bobby is truly dedicated to helping you keep the financial and emotional costs of resolving any family law dispute, including divorces and child custody battles, as low as possible. Bobby encourages clients to make mutually agreeable decisions with their spouse about their anticipated divorce and child custody orders in efforts to ensure his clients an affordable representation and a quick, peaceful, and happy legal resolution. The less the parties spend on “fighting,” the less they will spend on attorney fees and the more money they will have to divide between themselves.

On the other hand, Bobby also understands that some cases may be hotly contested and bring a great deal of tension, anxiety, and raw emotion from both parties. Even in these cases, you can remain confident that Bobby will aggressively advocate and negotiate on your behalf to obtain the best result. Bobby is always prepared for any court hearing or trial that may be necessary to protect and preserve your rights.

Whatever it takes, you can rely on Bobby for the personal attention and strong representation you need in resolving any of your family law issues.

Contact the Law Office today to schedule a free consultation regarding any of your family law issues including, but not limited to, any of the following issues:

• Adoption
• Child Custody (Original, Enforcement, or Modification)
• Child Support (Original, Enforcement, or Modification)
• Divorce (Contested and Uncontested)
• Division of Property and/or Debt
• Grandparent’s Visitation Rights
• Guardianships
• Name Changes