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Businesses throughout Texas unable to afford the expensive cost of full-time corporate counsel are often forced to pay high hourly rates to business attorneys to address routine legal matters. However, with his extensive experience as corporate counsel, Mr. Ahmed has the skills and resources of comprehensive corporate counsel and can provide a flexible compensation arrangement based on the client’s real needs, rather than on a set of rigid requirements imposed by a high-dollar law firm. Mr. Ahmed can provide ongoing legal advice and counsel on all aspects of Texas business formation, operations, tactical planning and alternative dispute resolution, including:

• Bylaws, Regulations, Partnership agreements, Corporate minutes, Directors meetings, Shareholders meetings, Corporate resolutions, corporate governance, share issuance, letters of intent, employment contracts, non-compete agreements, non-disclosure agreements, and other requirements for ongoing business operation.

• Dispute Resolution – mediation / arbitration, alternative dispute resolution (ADR), trials and appeals at all levels of the state & Federal courts.

Mr. Ahmed can minimize the expense and overhead of full-time corporate counsel with affordable pricing and clients are able to structure an arrangement that is most beneficial for their business by obtaining an experienced corporate counsel who will meet with them on demand and function as an integral member of the business management team.