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AAM LLP is committed to delivering competent and aggressive defense representation to individuals accused of violating state, federal, or juvenile laws for fair and reasonable costs. As former assistant district attorneys/prosecutors, the attorneys and AAM LLP understand the complexities of criminal law and are committed to providing their clients with the aggressive trial skills needed in all major felony or misdemeanor trials. The former prosecutors at AAM LLP have experience in a variety of criminal trials ranging from DWI to murder charges.
If you’re accused or being investigated for violating a law, consulting with a lawyer should be one of the first things you do. At AAM LLP, we provide vigorous defenses for: DWI charges, weapons charges, drug related charges, assault charges, white collar crimes, federal crimes, felony defense, and murder/manslaughter crimes.
Whether this is your first arrest for DWI or your third for a drug related crime, you should consult an attorney who thoroughly understands the system, has extensive trial experience, and aggressive trial skills. Consult with the attorneys at AAM LLP.